Underneath 2020’s pandemic-induced lockdown, I did what many cannabis-loving Canadians did this spring: I planted some weed. Adults in most Canadian provinces are permitted to domesticate as much as 4 leisure hashish vegetation per family. And whereas hashish can develop like, properly, a weed… maximizing the yield from simply 4 vegetation takes a certain quantity of know-how. 

Quick ahead to October and Toronto is again underneath “lockdown” once more and all I’ve to point out for it’s an oz. or so of homegrown bud.

It begs the query, how a lot weed can you actually develop from simply 4 vegetation?

For a real-life instance, meet Jonathan Hirsh (a.okay.a @Weedstagram416) who’s been documenting his quarantine-inspired homegrow on his (now devastatingly deleted) Instagram account.

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From his 4 mature vegetation, he harvested ~20lbs of hashish (moist weight). And whereas he’s devoting 17.58lbs to freezing for extraction, he’s drying the remainder to smoke. He estimates that if he have been to dry all of it, his crop would yield almost 8lbs of dry weed (that’s virtually 2lbs per plant)!

Curious how one can maximize your individual four-plant crop? Learn on to study which steps Jonathan skips and that are important for getting the largest attainable yield out of your vegetation.

In your 4 vegetation, what varieties (strains) did you develop this season?

This season I grew 4 cultivars; Banana Sweet Lotions, Information Dawg, Cherry Dawg Punch, and Insane Ice Cream.

When did you plant these seeds?

Seeds hit the soil March 15. 

Wait, don’t you germinate the seeds first?

I sprout them within the soil. I get a pot, or perhaps a crimson solo cup, poke 4 to 6 holes in it, put in some soil, put my seeds in, then cowl it with soil and water it. Lots of people use the paper towel method and all that but it surely’s a waste of time.

Are you able to inform us the way you formed your 4 vegetation to get so many colas?

There are a lot of steps to retaining your 4 vegetation quick, bushy, and giving them the chance to develop heaps and many colas. The very best yielding and very best quality flowers are at all times going to be close to the highest of that plant as a result of it will get probably the most quantity of solar and since the plant can also be sending probably the most quantity of meals and power to these prime buds. So when you can trick your plant into considering that the entire new growths are prime buds, then they’re all going to be the highest quality buds attainable.

So how do you do it?

Step 1:

It begins with planting the seeds early. I love to do it in the course of March.

At this stage, it’s important to make sure that you don’t enable the plant to stretch and get tall earlier than it’s prepared. Lots of people will put their gentle above their soil and their seed will stretch in the direction of that gentle. I at all times maintain the sunshine three to 4 inches away from my seedling on the very earliest levels and transfer it up centimetre by centimetre, inch by inch, daily, to do my best possible to maintain that plant as little as attainable. 

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The trick is to place your hand by the cover of your little seedling and in case your hand isn’t too scorching after 60 seconds, you’re good. That is why I take advantage of a fluorescent bulb within the earliest levels as a result of you may get it tremendous near the plant with none injury.

Step 2:

The following step is to do one thing known as topping which is the motion of slicing the plant on the new development on the principle stem. Once you prime the principle bud web site, it’s going to trigger all these additional bud websites to look and develop into their very own colas. You possibly can proceed to prime all of your different foremost bud websites and create extra colas and your plant will simply maintain doubling in dimension and width.

As a substitute of topping on the conventional third node, I love to do the topping on the second node. It retains the seedling extremely low to the soil and permits me to do the subsequent step which known as low-stress coaching.

Step 3:

Low-stress training is basically easy but it surely takes a number of time. It was a fantastic approach for quarantine as a result of I had all this time and it gave me a number of hands-on time with my “Quarantine Infants,” as I known as them.

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Go to your native plant retailer and buy rubber plant wire, it’s tremendous low cost, you possibly can generally even discover it on the greenback retailer. Then punch holes across the rim of your pot and utilizing the rubber wire, slowly bend the branches down right into a wagon wheel in order that they develop out horizontally as a substitute of up, vertically.

Step 4:

The ultimate step is to make use of one thing known as a scrog net, a flat netting made out of nylon rope or generally exhausting plastic. You should purchase this from any develop provide retailer.

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Use the three×3 inch holes within the scrog internet to direct your development out in order that the place there was once aspect branches coming off your foremost stems, there’s now going to be colas. 

These aspect branches are going to develop and be tricked into considering they’re the highest foremost bud. As a result of they’re getting full entry to daylight, they’ll get probably the most quantity of power to develop in order that they’ll have a number of resin manufacturing, THC, cannabinoids are going to thrive, and also you’ll get plenty of good juicy colas.

What number of colas did you find yourself with per plant?

I didn’t depend them however there was between 20-30 per plant relying on which plant.

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What does your set-up seem like? Any particular tools?

This develop was fully natural. I used merchandise from StepWell together with super soil. For meals, I fed them top-dress and EM1, microbes that assist break down the meals within the soil.

Pot-wise, I began them in a crimson Solo cup then up from one to 2, as much as 10-gallon pots, earlier than slicing off the underside of a 15-gallon plastic pot and stacking that on prime of a 35-gallon cloth pot of soil.

The Scrog Shop constructed the scrog nets. Then they constructed a second layer, and an umbrella for them, so there was some rain safety.

Did you encounter any points like mould or pests and the way did you cope with them?

Oh ya, this summer season has been horrible for growers. I encountered powdery mildew which I needed to cope with by spraying my vegetation with apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and water, plus a sulfur spray known as Safer’s Defender

After which there have been all types of loopy pests this summer season. Identical to any outside develop, nature itself takes care of that, and when it doesn’t, I name an organization known as Koppert. Even for residence growers, they’ve the power to ship you predatory bugs like nematodes and ladybugs, plus yellow sticky playing cards. So, I battled the crap out of the bug inhabitants.

So what are you going to do with all that weed?

how much cannabis can you grow from four plants
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Give some to buddies, smoke some, and make extracts and edibles.

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