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Copen Grand in the District 24 is a new 99-year leasehold with sophisticated eco-friendly environment

Jul 27

Copen Grand freehold construction at Estate of Tengah and covers an area of 2.2 acres. It will comprise 639 units of housing. The proportion that housing is available will rise to 2.8. It is possible that this new EC site might offer benefits for those who are first-time buyers making the move.

Copen Grand lease at Tengah was Singapore's first urban area that was designed to be green and smart. People who reside in Copen Grand have the opportunity the best amenities, a variety of farms and parks that are specifically made to satisfy their needs. Additionally, the close structures are powered by solar panels, massive garbage disposal purifiers and subterranean roads connecting urban farms that are powered by electric vehicles, as well as green structures.

Only a few minutes away of the proposed Tengah, Hong Kah, and Tengah Plantation MRT Station, Tengah Garden Walk is situated close to and alongside the Kranji Expressway (KJE) as in addition to the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE). Residents will be able travel around Singapore easily and comfortably once the construction is finished. Jurong Region Line is able to be constructed, allowing residents to access three interchange stations located in Boon along with Lay Choachoa Kang , as in as well as Jurong East stations that are located along the MRT.

Copen Grand thought to be the very first property to be relocated to the new development which is designed to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. It is eco-friendly and connected to the central region that comprises Tengah.

New homes is underway across the areas that is part of The Western Region. Singapore, Tengah is located close to Jurong Lake District and the Jurong Innovation District and Jurong Lake District that provide the opportunity for Singaporeans to come together to share knowledge and enjoy.

The plans for Tengah are built on the uniqueness of its nature and will provide residents with greater opportunities to take part in the daily life and activities. The most notable feature of Tengah will be its focus on the residents and the natural surroundings creating a tranquil town in which residents can feel as if they are "At the heart in Nature".

Copen Grand EC is located in the new estate of Tengah which is spread over 2.2 acres. The entire area is made up of 639 housing units , with an averages of 2.8. The brand new EC site could be the first site to receive new residents.

The EC is 99 year leasehold New Launch Condo situated in the District 24. Tengah is Singapore's first town to be eco-friendly and boasts a sophisticated. Residents living within Copen Grand will have access to luxurious facilities as well as huge green spaces, which are located in specially designed areas that are suited to agriculture. Furthermore, the buildings that are located around the area are able to benefit from a massive filtering system to purify the air. The system runs on solar energy and waste collection routes covered by electric vehicles and urban farms and green structures.

A few minutes away from the identified Tengah, Hong Kah, and Tengah Plantation MRT Station, Tengah Garden Walk is situated close to the Kranji Expressway (KJE) as well as the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE). Residents will be able to traveling throughout Singapore swiftly, particularly once the project is finished. Jurong Region Line has been completedas well. Residents will be able to connect three interchanges at Boon Lay Choa-Chuang Kung as well as Jurong East Stations of the MRT.

It's located in the West part of Singapore's West region of Singapore It is also home to a range of natural parks that are stunning. There are many parks that are being developed. Jurong Lake Gardens which is an enormous park that is divided into three parts . It is made up of three parts, which comprise three distinct sections: Lakeside Garden, Chinese and Japanese Gardens and Garden Promenade. This is the location that was created to permit people of all ages to take advantage of the area as an ideal place to relax, work and have fun. The residents who live within Tengah Garden Walk can enjoy the breathtaking park by engaging in water activities like kayaking or taking in the most unforgettable moment of their lives, having the company of their loved ones.