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Why are graduates paying Spires accounting tutors to prepare for City job interviews?

May 10

14th April 2022, 09:30 GMT Tamson Braithwaite | Education Editor


We've learned that graduates from London are hiring Spires online accounting tutors to land jobs in the City's top finance firms. It's becoming more common for those who were educated in school and university to utilize these services to kick-start their careers prior to changing jobs or submitting an internal interview for promotion.


The boom in online tuition has reached the City, and graduates can expect to pay more than £150 per hour for tutoring in interviewing techniques, test days and psychometric screening, CV writing, and elocution instruction. They have evolved into "lifestyle accessories" for all age groups in British families. Parents employ them even when their children are not having academic difficulties. Students who perform well in school will continue to use the services into adulthood.


Nick Green, Managing Director of Spires Online Tutors, explained that in addition to the well-known eleven plus, GCSE, and A-level tutoring, the company receives regular requests to provide professional accounting tuition that specializes in qualifications such as the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians), ACCA (Association of Certified Accredited Accountants), ACT (Association of Corporate Treasurers), and ACA tests that are required of employees at top companies such as PWC and KPMG.


Spires, which boasts over 1000 tutors with impressive academic credentials, also offers tuition for the GMAT exam, which is required for admission to MBA programs, as well as the AIA (Association of International Accountants), the ATT (Association of Taxation Technicians), the AMBA (Association of MBAs), and the ABE (Association of Business Executives), as well as preparation for any other official chartered certification.


"Job applicants want to impress employers during the interview process, and the job market has become more competitive in recent years. This is evidenced by the increase in the number of requests for job placement assistance as well as tutoring requests from those who are employed but require assistance advancing their careers." Nick clarifies.


"Students who have had the opportunity to work with us at the A-Level and undergraduate levels are more likely to seek our assistance when they are looking for work or are currently employed.


Our clients do not rely heavily on tuition assistance programs. They simply want to be at the forefront and succeed in everything they do."


Maria McKenzie, 45, of London, is a frequent coach for individuals preparing for interviews at Goldman Sachs and PwC. She has over eight years of experience as a financial accountant in Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Taiwan, having worked for Deloitte and PwC. I took an unplanned career break a few years ago due to the length of my maternity leave with two children. I decided to begin teaching in the classroom during this time period, and I haven't looked back since.


Ms McKenzie stated that applicants paying for a coach for their interview was a "fair practice" and added, "Twenty years ago, you could have had a one-on-one interview, but today, you can participate in a variety of tasks where they are monitoring your every move."


She typically assists young people who are attending their first job interviews at accounting and finance firms: "We discuss possible interview questions and the best way to highlight your strengths, weaknesses, and strengths and make them appear more convincing."


The majority of professional Maria coaches received tutoring from teachers during their time in high school and university. "The job market is extremely competitive, and job seekers are stressed and anxious. I strive to keep people calm and to instill confidence in them regarding their abilities, capabilities, and experiences."


We've written in the past few years about warnings about private tutors becoming "intellectual crutches" for certain children and then having difficulty with them later in life. This pattern appears to corroborate that view.


However, as Nick points out, "a tutor who prioritizes the student's independence can encourage students to view their tutor as a source of assistance, rather than a base or support system in the traditional sense." The tutor should be an academic subject specialist who can assist the student in developing an awareness of their own expertise in their field.


"Tutoring does not have to be an excuse to avoid work," Nick continues, " A tutoring service that incorporates broad coaching elements can help students develop critical life skills such as self-confidence and self-management, as well as initiative, persistence, and planning, all of which contribute to the development of an independent approach in both academic and professional life. Determine how tutoring services address these concerns in order for lessons to be beneficial in all facets of the students' lives, regardless of their age."


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