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What Is A Consignment Shop? Clothing And Toys For Children

May 1

Do you want to make extra cash? You have some gently used clothes, toys, and gear around the house that you don’t need anymore. Consign them at a consignment boutique. Consignment stores can be a great place to get rid items and make some money.

We will be discussing how to consign clothing, kids' toys, and gear at a Consignment Store. Before you begin consigning, we will explain the basics. This includes what the store accepts as well as how much each type of item is worth.

What's a Consignment Store?

A consignment shop is a store that sells items for individual consignors. The consignor usually receives a percentage from the final selling prices for each item.

A consignment store might pay you $0.50 per hour if you bring in clothing that sells for $20 if it is worn once.

What Items Can You Consign

Most consignment shops will accept gently used clothes, toys, and gear to children. You may also find other items like furniture, books, and electronics in some consignment stores.

Consignment items should be checked with the store to confirm what they will accept.

How does the consignment process work?

The typical consignment process is as follows:

First, you'll need to bring your items into the store.

The consignor will then review your items to determine if they can be consigned.

The store will often tag your items with information such price, consignor numbers, expiration dates, etc. once they have accepted them.

The items will then go on the sales floor so customers can buy them.

Finally, you will be paid a portion of final selling prices when the item is sold.

What are the benefits of consigning?

Consigning an item is better than selling it or giving it away.

You can make more money selling your items on consignment than if they were sold by you.

Second, consignment shops usually do all of the work. This includes pricing and tagging items and marketing them to potential customers.

Consigning is an excellent way to clear out clutter from your home, without having to give away any of the perfectly good items.

What are the Drawbacks to Consigning?

Before you consign your items, be aware of the potential drawbacks.

Your items may take some time to sell. This is particularly true if your consignment items are not in high-demand or during the off-season.

A second reason is that you usually earn a fraction of the final selling prices, which means you can make less money than if your item was sold directly.

Lastly some stores may require you to sign a contract which could bind you to specific terms and conditions.

Be sure to research the best stores for you before you consign your items.

How can I donate my child's clothes?

Most consignment shops require that your items remain in good condition, free from stains, and clean.

Make sure you check with the store before you bring your items in to learn their exact requirements.

Get all your clothing, toys and gear together and take them to the shop.

The staff will sort your items and decide which ones will be accepted for consignment.

If everything goes according to plan, you'll need to sign a contract. Once you have signed the agreement, you can drop your items off and begin earning money.


It's a great way of making extra cash by selling your children's clothes, toys and gear. It is also a great way of clearing out clutter and getting rid of any items your children no longer need.

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